Health Benefits

Research suggests that health benefits of yoga are extensive. Research also indicates that Prenatal Yoga facilitated by qualified Prenatal Yoga teachers is safe and offers many benefits for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits include:

  • greater emotional, mental and spiritual well being
  • increased strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles used in childbirth
  • improvement in sleep
  • improvement in energy
  • improvement in physical health resulting in a decrease in symptoms associated with pregnancy, for example shortness of breath, lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches
  • reduced risk of some complications of pregnancy including preterm labour, pregnancy induced hypertension [pre-eclampsia] and intrauterine growth restriction [of baby]
  • sharing time and space with other pregnant women
  • increased confidence
  • forming new friendships
  • Main Source: Mayo Clinic It is well worth viewing this link as it is regularly updated.

Postnatal and Mums & Bubs Yoga benefits include: