Prenatal Group Classes

Many women are first attracted to yoga when pregnant - a deep instinctive knowing guides them to yoga. Those who have already experienced yoga may have a renewed awakening to it at this time. Yoga and pregnancy are extremely complimentary. Yoga allows you to connect with your baby, your changing body and other mums. The yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, vocalisation and visualisation are specifically designed for pregnant women and cater for those planning natural active birth as well as those who are not. These classes empower women - balancing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit in preparation for birthing and parenting.

Classes begin with a sharing circle where women are welcome to talk followed by centering and connecting with their babies.

These are on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.

Mums & Bubs Group Yoga

These classes are especially designed for women and their babies to attend together. Substitutions are ok if the mother is not the primary carer. An extra adult may accompany twins. These classes are interactive with mothers and their babies involved in yoga postures, movement, breath work, meditation and singing. These classes are aimed at helping the mums physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The focus with postures is on strengthening abdominal, back, limb and pelvic muscles. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually the classes encourage nurturing, bonding with your baby and other women and give you sacred time and space to be. You are encouraged to go with the flow during class - feed/change your baby, focus on you if baby is sleeping.

These classes are on Thursday mornings.

Private/Couples'/Support Persons' Classes

In these classes you are more involved in designing your own program, one that is tailor made and suits your desires, body and lifestyle. Private/Couples Classes tend to suit some women for various reasons.

Situations where these may suit include:

Horse Lovers Yoga

These classes are designed to improve alignment, balance, flexibility, self-control, stamina and strength physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This promotes a greater connection and enhanced relationship with horses.

These classes involve asanas [postures], breathing, [pranayama], and yoga nidra and other meditation techniques.

They are held where horses live which is mutually beneficial.

These classes are on Tuesday evenings.

Yoga for Carers

These classes are aimed at providing a sacred outlet for carers where they may be able to benefit physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In this sacred space carers may be free to explore 'I am' and simply 'be'